The man behind the Hype is me, Emile  Avanessian. I've written about the NBA and European football - mainly F.C. Barcelona - for some time. My work has appeared far in pixelated form, from ESPN and Yahoo Sports, to The L.A. Times, SB Nation and Bleacher Report. I've popped up on more than a couple of prominent team sites as, namely Forum Blue and Gold and Barça Blaugranes.

Whether you enjoyed the previous iteration of this site, or you spied my work at another online outpost, 

or you're just trying to redo your floors and got duped by the name of the site... welcome! 

There have been hiatuses, but this remains my online home. 

Feel  free to hit me with feedback, comments, suggestions, requests and lucrative offers at eavanessian@gmail.com. You can also click below and give me a follow on Twitter, @hardwoodhype.


Four and a half years abroad, followed by by a little more than 21 in Los Angeles, then almost 15 in New York.

These days? Barcelona


Because there's something be said for choosing hills that you're willing to die on.