Who's Behind the Hype?

It's me, Emile  Avanessian. For more than a decade, I've written about NBA basketball and  European football - primarily Spain, and really primarily F.C. Barcelona. In addition to this, my online home, my "exhaustively researched and written with care" writing has appeared far and wide on the internet, including on ESPN, Yahoo Sports, The Los Angeles Times, SB Nation, Bleacher Report and numerous prominent team sites


What's New?

Kind of a lot. For starters, this site, cryogenically frozen for some time, is back, reactivated and, like so many Upper East Siders, has had some work done. About that...

This new look and the integration of all things European Football (my things, at least) accompany a period of massive transition. After more than 35 years, 20+ growing up  in Los Angeles, and nearly fifteen in New York City, I'm heading abroad! As of November 2019, I will be living, working and writing (those last two thing hopefully in concert) in beautiful BARCELONA!

What's Next?

Stay tuned...

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